Laser Tag

1,800 Square Feet of Arena

Test Your Shooting Skills!!!

Twelve people, from young to old, suit up in state of the art vests complete with LED lighting and vibrating shot response. They are soon handed their guns, completely wireless and not tethered to their vests at any time; then are sent on their way through the curtain into our 1,800 sq. foot arena. These lucky twelve find themselves in the middle of a pirate ship, locked in battle against each other in the Pirate's Quest Laser Tag . Each vest equipped with 8 colored flashing LED targets located on both the front and back of the vests, allow you to not only see your teammates and opponents, but also feel the vibrating sensation when you are shot. Futuristic guns, with the addition of a little fog in the arena allow you to see your lasers shoot all the way across the room so no more aiming blind. Locked in a seven minute match against your opponents, your gun will never shut off on you or run out of ammo; this simple game play feature allows you to concentrate less on worrying if you get hit or not and more on having fun and getting to shoot your friends. Pirate's Quest Laser Tag not only allows you to choose teams, but you can also go into battle on your own team in a free-for-all match against everyone else. Have enough people? Come in and talk to an employee about setting up a tournament to prove to your friends that your team has what it takes to come out on top.

Pirate's Quest Laser Tag

The Pirate's Quest Laser Tag is a great way to relieve some steam and get a workout in as you battle it out with family and friends. With real time score keeping you fight till the last second to get a score that will rank you on top of the leaderboards.