Laser Challenge

High Tech Security System

Think You Could Be a Spy or Bank Robber?

For those spies out there, we have a challenge adapted for you and all those other wannabe bank robbers out there. Step into the laser challenge and kick a trip wire to activate a timed laser security system straight out of an action movie. Whether you choose to move slowly and carefully to not touch a laser, or choose to move quickly to save on time, the laser craze is sure to give not only your mind but also your body a workout as you try to bend yourself ways you never thought imaginable. Do not fear though, contrary to popular belief and movie magic these lasers will not hurt you. For every laser hit while in the laser craze you will just receive a minor time penalty added to your score at the end of the round, thus allowing you to compete against friends, family members, or even an employee if you are feeling daring enough. The best part of all this you may ask? No matter if you come out on top as a skilled spy, or the lasers end up showing you that you were not as flexible as you may have once thought, in the end everyone has fun and nobody ends up having to leave in handcuffs.

Laser Craze

Battling against the clock as I made my way through the Laser Craze was super challenging but we had a blast seeing who could make it with the best time!!! If you ever thought you could rob a bank or become a spy you should come and test your skills because you will be incredibly surprised.