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Mirror Maze

Our Panama City Beach attractions include the Mirror Maze which is like a house of mirrors on steroids complete with a light and sound extravaganza that will blow your mind as you wind your way through our 2,300 square foot maze...
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Laser Challenge

For those spies out there, we have a challenge adapted for you and all those other wannabe bank robbers out there. Step into the laser challenge and kick a trip wire to activate a timed laser security system straight out of an action movie...
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Laser Tag

The Pirate's Quest Laser Tag! Where you don your special vest, and arm yourself with a futuristic laser gun. You are in direct competition with up to 12 other players of the game, as you battle it out in a large 1,800 square foot room that features obstacles you can hide behind while targeting for your opponents. The entire room is lit with black lights which cause the florescent painted props to glow. So don't miss this fantastic and amusing treat whether you are here on vacation or are local to the Panama City Beach area...
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Bazooka Ball

And now we introduce our latest family attraction, Bazooka Ball. Based off paintball guns that fire adjustable velocity soft "low impact" glow-in-dark foam balls. One-size-fits-all electronic impact team vests with Bazooka Ball pouches and face masks. Real time electronic scoreboard with sound effects...